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Child abuse - advice for children

The facts

Not everyone knows what abuse is. Most people talk about physical or sexual abuse but there are two other kinds as well - emotional abuse and neglect.

Physical - this includes being kicked, beaten or punched.

Emotional - this includes constant name-calling, being threatened, being made fun of or made to feel small, and often seeing violence between the people who care for you.

Sexual - this includes being touched in a way you don't like, being forced to have sex, made to look at sexual pictures or videos, or anything else that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Neglect - when you don't have somewhere to stay, enough food to eat, clothes to keep you warm, or if you are not looked after properly.

Abusers can be members of the family or close carers such as parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, brothers, sisters, family friends, teachers, carers and youth workers.

If you are worried about child abuse, remember:

  • Children have the right to be safe.
  • Children are not to blame for being abused, the person hurting them is the one who has done something wrong.
  • Children shouldn’t feel they have to deal with the abuse on their own.
  • Children should tell a person they can trust such as a parent, teacher, relative or friend if they are abused in any way, even if they are worried about what might happen next.
  • It is okay for children not to keep secrets about being abused.




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