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Community policing team established for Keyham

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Plans aim to promote recovery and social wellbeing

As part of plans to support the people of Keyham following the devastating events of Thursday 12 August, Devon and Cornwall Police has created a team to help the community recover from the tragedy.

As part of the project to promote the recovery and social wellbeing of the area, the police are working with other agencies.

The force will also aim to restore and enhance a sense of safety through confidence in local policing and use targeted activity to identify what the greatest needs of the community are when it comes to the neighbourhood team.

The Keyham Policing Team will provide a central point of contact for residents to liaise with partner agencies and also represent the community.

The plan is for a traditional approach of neighbourhood policing to be adopted to give greater visibility and to promote community safety in the aftermath of the mass shooting.

Officers will be providing high visibility patrols and community engagement to help get a better understanding of the needs in Keyham, as well as the risks and threats that may exist.

As part of the strategy, officers will be aiming to build up relationships with young people to help identify local priorities with all parts of the community and work towards solving problems.

This would include providing local crime information, being transparent in terms of engagement activities and providing a reassuring presence, as well as giving residents the chance to speak with officers.

Another important aspect of the engagement would be listening to people’s views, being open and honest and treating everyone with dignity and mutual respect, to allow the community to help the police to tackle problems and take ownership of them.

Plymouth City Council is taking the lead on the Keyham Community Recovery Strategy to help the area get its confidence back and allow the neighbourhood’s resilience to return.

It will incorporate a multi-agency approach, which will include statutory authorities, as well as the likes of education providers, registered social landlords and local charities.

The strategy also recognises the need to plan for and respond to anniversaries, memorials and other key dates, as well as communicating those plans to the community.

Inspector Paul Laity, who leads the team, said: “Our aim is to deliver a sustainable partnership response to help Keyham recover and it is important to not let this tragic incident define the area and the city.

“We are here to listen and engage with the community to support its recovery and build resilience.

“The area will have an enhanced service as all research tells us that that is precisely what it needs as it recovers.

“Our main focus will be supporting the community in Keyham and the surrounding area as a local policing team but there will be parts of our work that may also impact other parts of the city, especially with our work with partners, based on the stronger together idea.

“It is also important to recognise the impact and fear of crime and seek to reduce levels of violent and hate crime but with a sustainable and visible presence, we aim to address those issues.”

Progress of the strategy will be monitored and the results will be measured against objectives and with the findings taken into account in future decisions.


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