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Major roads policing operation supporting Boardmasters festival

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Keeping the roads safe for festival goers heading home

Operation Cornwall Wolf supports end of Boardmasters 2018

On Sunday evening 12th August, Police Constable James Gallienne and the Alliance roads policing team were in place on routes leaving Newquay and the Boardmasters Festival.

They were there to makes sure that everyone got away safely, and it turns out that the operation had a very positive side to it.

PC Gallienne said: “We stopped a large number of vehicles for checks of both the drivers and their vehicles, and I am very happy to report that all of the young people we met were well-mannered and understanding of the increased police presence.

“With events like this it is actually our sincere wish that we don’t find people who have drunk to excess or taken drugs and then got into a car to drive. On this occasion it’s clear that the majority of festival goers have been sensible.”

All breath tests (nine) for excess alcohol were negative, and of seven roadside drug swipe tests two indicated a level of drugs which resulted in the people being arrested and having to give a blood sample, any prosecution pending the results of those tests.

Two vehicles were prohibited from the road due to being in a dangerous condition, a summons was issued to a speeding driver and a vehicle was towed away for having no insurance. Four people were processed for cannabis possession and five motorists received penalties for vehicle defects or driving offences.

Operation Allied Wolf keeps the roads safe for festival-goers

A targeted and major roads policing operation has taken place in Cornwall to help ensure the safety and enjoyment of those attending the Boardmasters Festival.

Operation Allied Wolf took place on the 8th and 9th of August, involving members of the No Excuse road safety and policing team plus officers from the roads policing, road crime unit and professional development units, armed response vehicle (ARV) officers, Special Constables and National Crime Agency (NCA) officers.

Police worked with partner organisations including the Her Majesties Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

The use of Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology in marked and unmarked vehicles and in static locations allowed officers to identify criminals who were making their way to the area.

Police also targeted the fatal five causes of fatal and serious injury collisions. These are drink and drug driving; using mobile devices handheld while behind the wheel; excessive speed, not wearing a seatbelt and careless and inconsiderate driving.

Drug “sniffer” dogs and roadside testing with alcolmeters and drug swabs were available to police throughout the operation.

The operation took place in the Newquay area and provided an immediate response to Automated Number Plate Recognitions (ANPR) activations from static and mobile cameras, as well as proactive patrols, to help minimise crime and traffic related incidents in the area.

Sgt Emma Stringer said: “Allied Wolf saw police and partnere agencies working together to target criminals who use the road network to attend and disrupt a well run and popular event.

“We used this opportunity to reinforce messages around road safety to drivers. Some of the officers involved are also family liaison officers, who have to deliver that knock on the door that will change a family’s life forever. We will do everything in our power to reduce the number of times this happens in our area."


Day 1

1 arrest for possession of cannabis

1 arrest for positive drugs wipe

1 arrest of a male wanted for numerous offences

3 prohibitions - vehicles driven in dangerous condition taken off road

6 vehicles with no MOT

3 construction and use warnings (condition or alteration of vehicle)

2 cannabis warning

1 cannabis reported for possession

1 red diesel (HMRC)

15 Officer Seen Conditional Offers (fixed penalties)

1 negative breath test

2 negative drugs wipes

1 dangerous condition

12 with no insurance – three of which were seized

4 with no tax – one of which seized

1 excess speed

1 occupants of vehicle sought re-safety camera offences

1 using mobile phone handheld while driving

Day 2

17 Officer Seen Conditional Offers (fixed penalties)

8 vehicles seized for having no license

2 not using seatbelts (including children not restrained)

9 no insurance

3 no tax

2 no driving licence

2 arrests for positive breath test and positive drugs wipe

5 prohibitions -- vehicles driven in dangerous condition taken off road

2 using a mobile phone handheld

5 with no MOT

29 vehicles were clamped at the road side, eight of which paid penalty and released

1 vehicle instantly lifted and removed

Other offences were dealt with including having an excess tint on windows, registration plate not conforming and no tax. Eye sight checks were also completed.


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