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Over 400 knives surrendered

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Police praise public resposnse to knife amnesty

Over 400 knives were handed in to police during a knife amnesty last week (I7 – 23 July, 19 – 26 in Plymouth)

This is twice as many as were surrendered during the last week-long police knife amnesty, held in November of last year.

All of these knives are out of circulation and no longer at risk of falling into the wrong hands.  All of the knives and bladed items will be destroyed.

Figures from Cornwall, where knives could be handed in at police enquiry offices in Camborne, Bodmin, St Austell and Truro, show that 68 items were handed in.

140 items were surrendered in at Barnstaple from the North Devon area, 92 in Plymouth, 15 in Exeter and 96 in South Devon, adding up to 411 knives that can no longer cause harm.

The variety of knives is extraordinary – from illegal lock knives to kukri-type knives, from samurai-style swords to old fashioned concealed sword sticks, along with a random assortment of kitchen knives and cleavers

Detective Chief Inspector Craig McWhinnie said: “We are very pleased with the response we’ve had from the public to this knife amnesty.  People have taken the time and trouble to hand in potentially dangerous items, for which we thank them all, and which will now be safely destroyed. 

“People who carry knives for no good reason risk arrest. If a knife is used in a confrontation the balance of probability is that the person carrying it is highly likely to be injured from it themselves.”

Activities in addition to secure collection bins at police enquiry offices included police officers and PCSOs visiting secondary schools and youth clubs in Plymouth to talk about knife crime and, in the Exeter, East and Mid Devon area, metal detecting wands used at various licensed premises over two weekends.

In South Devon weapon sweeps were carried out in two key locations in each sector of the area twice daily during the period of the amnesty. Stop checks were carried out and the opportunity was taken whilst out in the community to educate about knife crime and about the amnesty, especially with young people.

You can read current government advice and legislation on selling, buying and carrying knives here:


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