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Police urge fans to make it a fun final

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England face Italy on Sunday in the final of Euro 2020

On the eve of England’s historic final this Sunday, Devon & Cornwall Police is asking fans to play their part in making it a night to remember by not doing anything that they would regret.

The Force expects the pubs and entertainment venues to be busy and for people to meet in groups to watch the big match which kicks off at 8pm on Sunday.

Superintendent Adrian Leisk said: “Despite calls on social media, Monday isn’t a Bank Holiday, so this means the majority of our public will be working on Monday and many parents will have the fun of the school run. Please show some restraint on Sunday win or lose. The reality is, if you have had a few to drink it can take many hours before you are no longer under the influence and are fit to be on the road.

“If you are over the limit and behind the wheel you run the risk of being involved in a collision which can ruin lives; you risk losing your job, be landed with a criminal record and could even face time in prison.

“My officers will be visible and patrolling on Monday morning and we will breathalyse road users. We also breathalyse those involved in any incident even if it is a minor, non-injury collision as a matter of course. Don’t risk it, be sensible and show some restraint.”

With the exception of Home Park, Plymouth, there are no fanzone events or outdoor big screens showing the final of Euro 2020 in the force area. Coupled with reduced capacity at bars and pubs due to COVID restrictions, it will be challenging for fans to guarantee a seat in a pub for the match without prior booking.

Supt Leisk added: “I couldn’t be more complimentary towards our licensees across the region who have worked closely with us to deliver a safe Euro 2020 to this point. The vast majority of venues will be remain pre-booking only and all must continue with social distancing rules and limited capacity. If you haven’t booked a space at a venue, then I suggest that you simply watch the match at home as you will be turned away at the door by most venues.

“Our public need to take some personal responsibility on Sunday for the safety of all of our communities. COVID infections rates remain high across the region and restrictions are still in place. Before leaving the house to watch the match, or if you are welcoming friends over to watch the final within the home, please take a lateral flow test and get the all-clear beforehand.

“Remember to wear your face covering unless exempt and adhere to social distancing. Lastly, when the full-time whistle is blown please keep your emotions in check, win or lose.”

COVID-19 guidelines means there is a limit on the number of people you can meet indoors which is a maximum of two households or up to six people from different households. People can also meet others outside, such as private gardens or public spaces, but this is capped at 30 people. Please wash your hands regularly, give each other space and throw open windows and doors to provide fresh air if you are watching together at someone’s home.

Supt. Leisk said: “We have seen outpourings of emotions and groups gathering in public to celebrate at full-time during previous England games. Whilst these have been good natured, our officers will be monitoring any anti-social behaviour and community tension; if you are asked by officers to move on and away from the area or to stop blocking a road, please do so.

“Additional police units will be visible in many of our town and city centres to help the night pass smoothly, but we will be proactive and will intervene where drink-related anti-social behaviour is taking place.

“It has been a difficult past year and a half for all of us; Euro 2020 and the success of the national team has been a welcomed distraction. So please plan-ahead, be respectful to each other, towards those who are working hard to keep you safe, and don’t do anything that puts yourself or others at risk.

“Last but not least, come on England!”


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