Going out for a leisurely walk on the beach can be a dangerous activity if you don’t know the tides.

Tide times and heights vary throughout the month and can easily catch you out if you haven’t checked them. Every year people are caught out by rapidly rising water and end up being trapped in isolated bays.

To avoid getting cut off by the tide do not take risks:

  • Go exploring when the tide is going out.
  • Never go alone and tell someone where you are going
  • Make sure you have time to get back and know when the tide is going to be coming in. Check the tide timetables BBC Tide Tables, ask a lifeguard or tourist information or check out lifeguarded beaches
  • Make sure you know where all the exits are.
  • While on the beach keep an eye on which direction the tide is heading. Walking further up the beach may not be an option, the water can come in along channels and block your way. If the cove you are in doesn’t have access of its own you could be in trouble.
  • Don’t try to climb cliffs as a short cut back to the top.
  • Take your phone with you so you can call for help if there is a signal.

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