What if there are casualties?

When a major incident occurs in Devon and Cornwall involving a large number of casualties or is likely to result in a large number of telephone calls from concerned relatives and friends, we will normally activate our casualty bureau.

What does the casualty bureau do?

The casualty bureau has three main functions. It:

  • Gathers as much information as possible about people involved, or potentially involved in the incident
  • Provides accurate information to relatives and friends as well as the police officer in charge of the enquiry
  • Records details from friends and relatives about people who have not returned from the scene of an incident
  • Receives details of anyone who has either been evacuated or has survived from the scene of the incident.

Although the casualty bureau receives information from the scene it is not in a position to immediately answer specific concerns about a particular person. Details of any casualties will be forwarded to the casualty bureau by the hospital so that next of kin are informed quickly. Witnesses to the incident may also be asked to contact the casualty bureau to pass on any information they may have.

How do I contact the casualty bureau?

A telephone number will be issued, via the media, for concerned friends and relatives to ring and lodge details of the person they are worried about. When a casualty bureau is activated, hundreds of callers will be trying to get through. We will try to deal with these calls as quickly as possible therefore you may find that you have to queue for sometime before being answered - please be patient.

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