Preventing terrorism and extremism

The best way of preventing terrorism is to stop people becoming terrorists in the first place. Terrorists, extremist groups and their networks promote violence through a variety of ways. Recruiting others to their cause is how they continue to exist.

We all have a role to play and together we can prevent terrorism to keep us all safe.

ACT – Action Counters Terrorism

By their actions, communities can make nothing happen, and have already done so.

Cooperation between public and police is a powerful defence. In recent years, attacks have been prevented and lives have been saved because of it.

In short, communities defeat terrorism. The Action Counters Terrorism or ‘ACT’ campaign encourages communities to share any information that may help prevent an attack.

People must not worry that they may waste police time by coming forward with information about what they suspect to be terrorist activity. No call or click will be ignored. Action is taken only after appropriate checks have been carried out.

Anonymity for you will be assured and what we are told will always be secure. Anyone who sees something unusual or suspicious should go with their instincts and ACT.

  • If you think someone is vulnerable to being radicalised, ACT.
  • If you’re unsure what to do in an emergency, ACT.

You can share this reminder with your communities by downloading the attached posters and leaflets. ACT now.

What can you look for?

Unlike what you often see in the media, there is no ‘typical’ profile of what kind of person is at risk of being drawn into violent extremism. We do know that family, friends and other professionals are the first people to notice early warning signs that someone is becoming involved in violent extremism.

To find more information on what to look for visit our 'What should I be looking for?' page.

What are we doing?

We work with local authorities, other statutory partners and community groups to put in place support measures for those who may be drawn into violent extremism.

We are working to stop terrorism and extremism by providing support for members of our community who may be being exploited or recruited into extremist groups.

What can you do?

You can tell us about people or groups who you think are promoting violent extremism by

You can let us know of anyone you feel is susceptible to being drawn into violent extremist activity. We can then arrange early, appropriate and effective support and together we can keep our community safe.

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