Who is your Lift Legend?

We've teamed up with over 110 licenced premises across Devon and Cornwall set to offer free soft drinks to those who give free lifts home to friends and family after a night out this Christmas.

The initiative runs from Wednesday 1 December 2021 to Saturday 1 January 2022 and is a modern approach to the annual Christmas campaign. 

On the purchase of your first soft drink, drivers will be able to receive a voucher to have your second free of charge at participating venues!

Who is your Lift Legend?

Will there be greater enforcement around drink driving in December?

Yes! Officers will be out in force rigorously targeting those who are a danger on our roads, day or night. With many social occasions in December, we recognise people may be more tempted to get behind the wheel after a night out. 

We will be requiring breath tests from all drivers who commit a moving road traffic offence, irrespective of whether or not they’re suspected a drink driving offence as well as carrying out intelligence-led fixed site checks. 

What are the risks of drink driving?

Alcohol can impair many of the functions necessary for safe driving; reaction times and spatial awareness are affected significantly. This may still be the case the morning after, depending on how much alcohol is consumed the night before and when you stopped drinking.

It’s not just you that’s at risk. You could kill or seriously injure another person. Drink driving destroys people’s lives and those of their families. Avoiding this happening is as simple as planning ahead, leaving the car at home, and using a taxi, public transport or designated driver to get home.

What are the drink drive limits? 

The legal limit is 35 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath, however, if police think you are unfit to drive through consumption of alcohol, even if your breath test registers lower than the legal limit, you can still be arrested and may be charged with an offence. In short, you do not have to be drunk to be a drink driver. Don’t risk it.

What should I do if I suspect someone of drink driving?

If you have information about anyone who has been drinking or taken drugs and is about to drive, you should call police on 999 with the make and model of the vehicle, registration number and direction of travel.

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Drink and drug driving still accounts for 15 per cent of road deaths and almost 10,000 casualties nationally each year. 

“Drink driving is completely unacceptable – it puts the driver, passengers and innocent members of the public at substantial risk.  Those found guilty of this crime face losing their license and even going to prison, which could cost you your job and livelihood. This doesn’t just apply to people who are on a big night out, those driving the morning after a few drinks could also unexpectedly be over the limit and unfit to drive."
Alison Hernandez, Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner

Who is your Lift Legend? Sorted your plans to get home?

“It’s incredibly important to us that our customers across the South West are able to enjoy themselves and celebrate Christmas with their loved ones, whether they’re driving to our sites or not. Pubs are the heart of responsible socialising, so we’re delighted to be taking part in the Lift Legend campaign throughout the festive season. What better way to reward those who are driving their friends and family than with a soft drink, mocktail or alcohol-free beer or cider on the house?"
Kevin Georgel, Chief Executive of St Austell Brewery 

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During December 2020, officers in Devon and Cornwall carried out 1,348 breath tests and charged 163 people with a drink drive-related offence.

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