Tips on safer motorcycling

One to watch: Think! Perfect signs

Source Think!: The Think! video shows a perfect motorcycle ride where a rider is warned of hazards on the road before he reaches them. Real life isn't like this, so riders need to THINK! ahead when they are on the road.

Motorcyclists can be vulnerable

We all meet careless drivers on the road and motorcyclists can be vulnerable to other road users' mistakes. The best motorcyclists ride defensively. They are in control, which means they enjoy more relaxed riding.To keep yourself out of trouble, you've got to be good. If you're already good, you can always makes yourself better.

If you haven't already done so, consider taking one of our BikeSafe courses.

Make sure you:

  • Anticipate the actions of motorists.
  • Are alert and observant. Important when you are negotiating junctions or roundabouts; and when you need to look out for other vulnerable road users - children, pedestrians, cyclists and horseriders.
  • Ride at a speed that will enable you to slow down and stop in good time. The unexpected can and does happen. Ride according to the conditions: slow down if it's wet, foggy or icy.
  • Position yourself in the best place, usually the middle of the lane. Take up your road position in good time before turning right or left, showing others what you aim to do.
  • Overtake safely. Can you see hazards? Is there a bend or junction? Can you overtake without speeding up or swerving too much?
  • Take a 'lifesaver' glance over your shoulder before carrying out manoeuvres when you need to know where other drivers are and what they are doing.
  • Are seen. Dipped headlights, even in good daylight, can help you to be seen.
  • Keep calm. Sometimes other drivers will wind you up. But if you act aggressively you may have to pay the penalty. Count to ten and congratulate yourself on your cool-headedness. However tempted you are, don't race on public roads. Save it for the race track.

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