Speed Watch

Speed Watch is a scheme that empowers and involves entire communities in our quest to drive down the speeds of vehicles in limits of 40mph and below.

**Please note: The Community Speed Watch initiative is currently under process review, exploring ways we can improve the scheme. If you have any queries, please send an email to CSW@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk 


Through the "Have your say" process (previously known as PACT) local communities were asked to tell us what their local priorities are. Speeding motorists have been identified as the biggest priority. In response to this feedback we have established Speed Watch.

Speed Watch involves members of the local community, and aims to engage and educate drivers rather than issue fines and court summonses. Using a staged warning system, first-time offenders will receive education and warnings, persistent offenders can expect further police action and even a court appearance. The School Speed Watch scheme can be adapted for other local community groups (i.e. cadets/Scouts, etc.) for further information please contact your local policing team.

We have three types of Speed Watch scheme:

  • School Speed Watch
  • Neighbourhood Speed Watch
  • Community Speed Watch

School Speed Watch

Imagine being asked "Why were you speeding?" and "How would you feel if you had run me over?" by a group of 10-year olds!

This is the concept of School Speed Watch. As an alternative to prosecution, offending motorists are asked probing questions by children from local schools or youth groups.

School Speed Watch provides offending motorists with an opportunity to address their driving behaviour before having a fine, collision or worse. We also hope the scheme provides the young people involved, with an experience that will hopefully stay with them until their driving years.

Neighbourhood Speed Watch and Community Speed Watch

Teams of police volunteers and/or police officers/police community support officers will stand at the side of the road monitoring traffic. Speeding vehicles will be recorded and warning letters will be sent to the vehicle owner together with educational information.

Persistent offenders with receive a further warning letter, and possibly a visit from their local neighbourhood policing team to deliver some words of advice. Persistent offenders that ignore the warnings will not receive any further letters, but will be given a fixed penalty ticket or summonsed to court should the circumstances allow.

All sessions are carried out in accordance with strict guidelines at risk assessed sites.

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