Drugs and young people

One to watch: Worried about drugs? How much do you really know?

  • Netmums.com : Teenagers: smoking and drugs

    "Aside from the usual peer pressure and the incessant need to be 'cool' or considered 'edgy' and 'fun', many teenagers are simply curious about the buzz or 'high' they can achieve from taking drugs..."

  • Teens and Drugs: What a Parent Can Do to Help

    "Like most parents, you’ve probably been dealing with the symptoms (hair, dress, curfews, and contraband), not the deeper problems (feelings, peer pressures, family dynamics, addiction). You will be in a much better position to come up with solutions if you have a better idea of what the real problems are..."

  • Talking about drugs with your child

    "It can be difficult to talk about drugs with your kids, but a few key pointers can make it a whole lot easier. Use these tips to help you talk openly about drugs with your child"

One to watch: What young people think


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