Warn against sexting

What can I do to make my child aware of the risks of sexting?

The best way to make your child aware of the risks of sexting is by having an open and honest conversation about it. We know it can be embarrassing for some young people to talk to any adult about issues such as this but it’s really important we have these conversations to help protect young people and aid them in making good choices.

There is lots of advice on how to speak to your child about sexting on the NSPCC website.

We would recommend making sure your child is aware of the following;

  • Not everyone is sexting, even if they say they are
  • Once an image is sent (or even taken in some cases) it is out there forever. Would they be happy seeing that image online in five years or even a years’ time?
  • Not everyone who you meet online is who they say they are
  • It’s illegal
  • If they do sext and it goes wrong and they get asked for sexual images, videos or texts they should speak to a trusted adult straight away
  • There is lots of information available for young people on sexting on the ChildLine website and within our youth section.

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