Am I a victim of hate crime?

If you think you have been a victim of a hate incident or crime, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you been attacked or threatened with violence?
  • Have you been called names or suffered any other verbal abuse?
  • Have you been sent offensive letters, emails or text messages?
  • Has your property been interfered with or damaged?
  • Have you suffered any other form of hate motivated harassment?

If any of these things are or have been happening to you, please report it to the police. We can only deal with the problem with your help.

We will take your complaint seriously. If you have been a victim of crime we will do all we can to bring the offender(s) to justice.

If you have suffered other forms of harassment there may be a variety of ways in which we can deal with the problem and provide assistance, including working with partner agencies, housing providers, voluntary and community groups and organisations.

Hate crime is not ok

Hate crime is not ok, and it is not trivial. We recognise that the trauma for the victim can be life changing.

We are committed to investigating all forms of hate crime and we want victims to have confidence in reporting it to the police. The powerful video below was created by The Women’s Centre Cornwall and Devon Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Services to show the impact of sex and gender based hate crime on victims.

Please note: Contains subject matter some viewers may find upsetting.

The Victim Care Unit

The Victim Care Unit works alongside the police. It assists in providing support through a range of services called the ‘victim network’ to best support a victim.

Should a victim prefer to seek direct support from the Victim Care Unit they can be contacted on:

The importance of working with victims to best address individual needs is widely recognised.

This ‘victim focus’ is the priority for both the police and the victim network.

Services provided through the victim network are far reaching and provide support for all the protected characteristic groups. 

Hate crime must not be tolerated.

In line with the Victims Codes, the police must keep in regular contact with the victim of a hate crime and update them on any key developments during an investigation.



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