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Our aim is to have a resource area for business, parents and teachers to help spread the word that Hate Crime is not tolerated.

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  • Educate Against Hate
  • Teachers resource pack
  • Discuss empathy - quote taken from the The Sussex Hate Crime Project
    "In general terms you perhaps are more likely to empathise with someone in more of a similar position to you; so perhaps a racial attack or a racial hate crime maybe against someone of a different gender to me or a different race to me ... it might not maybe affect me as much... But if it was someone who was LGBT and you think, well that could have been me, whereas obviously I wouldn’t think that I could have been like an Indian girl, but I might think I might have been that gay man who was attacked." LGB&T participant
  • Local Heroes Local Heroes
  • Remembering Srebrenica Remembering Srebrenica
  • Restorative Justice
  • Zero Tolerance to Hate Crime Power Point presentation

Parents and teachers


General help, advice and how to report

Hate Crime research, studies and articles

  • LGBT in Britain: Hate Crime and Discrimination
  • Understanding who commits hate crime and why they do it
  • CNN The four reasons people commit hate crimes
    "...behind every hate crime is a message: You are not welcome here.
    Behind every strong community is another: Yes, you are."
  • The Psychology of Hate: Why do we Hate?
    "Hatred has to be learned, Golden (Bernard Golden PH.D) says: “We are all born with the capacity for aggression as well as compassion. Which tendencies we embrace requires mindful choice by individuals, families, communities and our culture in general. The key to overcoming hate is education: at home, in schools, and in the community.”
  • How hate crime affects a whole community
    "Thousands of people are physically and sometimes brutally attacked each year in hate crimes. Such offences not only affect the victims, but also the thoughts and behaviour of others."
  • The Sussex Hate Crime Project
    "Community based interventions are likely to be best suited to reducing community based anxieties and the inter group tensions that they give rise to. We have explored the levels of support for alternative community measures such as RJ [Restorative Justice] showing that, contrary to a pervasive belief within the policy domain, there is extensive support for the use of measures that aim to include community dialogue which aims to increase knowledge, reduce ignorance, and repair the harms caused by hate and prejudice."


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