Report a crime

If you are a victim of a crime or witness to a crime, you should report the crime or incident to the police. There is no legal obligation to do this, but the information you give could bring a criminal to justice.

Reporting the crime to the police could prevent further crimes being committed and protect others from becoming victims.

You can report a crime in a number of different ways.

In an Emergency call 999, for example if:

  • Life is threatened
  • People are injured
  • Offenders are nearby
  • Immediate action is required.

The Deaf/hard of hearing and speech impaired can call:

  • 18000 Emergency – Mincom/Text phone number
  • 999 Emergency - SMS/Text number

They will need to register their phone to use the Emergency text 999 service. To do this please visit register your mobile

If it is not an emergency, for example:

a crime that does not require an immediate response, it can be reported using the online crime reporting form

Use the online crime reporting form to report:

  • Minor arson
  • General theft
  • Mobile phone theft
  • Pedal cycle theft
  • Criminal damage
  • Vehicle crime
  • Hate Crimes and Hate Incidents (crimes motivated or aggravated by race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or disability)

Hate crime can also be reported on the True Vision - Stop Hate Crime website.

Do not use the online crime reporting form to report:

To report Fraud

Visit the Action Fraud website.

Devon & Cornwall Police will deal with Fraud if there is a known local offender or if the victim is vulnerable. Please email 101 or call: 101

Over the phone

If the crime has already happened, or you want to make us aware of an issue or concern, you can also email 101 or call: 101

At a police enquiry office

You can report a crime or incident at the front counter of any police enquiry office.

Non Emergency Directory (NED)

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