Victim right to review scheme

If a victim of crime feels their case has not been handled appropriately under the guidelines below they have the right to request a review of their case.


The Victim Right to Review only applies to decisions made on or after 1 April 2015 in cases where a suspect has been identified, formally interviewed under caution and either:

  • the police make a decision not to bring proceedings in cases where the police have authority to charge or

The Victim Right to Review does not apply however to cases where:

  • no suspect has been identified,
  • charges are brought in respect of some (but not all) allegations made or against some (but not all) possible suspects,
  • a charge is brought of a lower level than the offence recorded (e.g. common assault rather than actual bodily harm),
  • the victim retracts their complaint or refuses to co-operate with the investigation and a decision is taken not to charge/not to refer the case to the CPS for a charging decision,
  • cases which are concluded by way of out of court disposal (e.g. Caution, Conditional Caution, Restorative Justice, Youth Caution, Youth Conditional Caution and Police Notice of Disorder).

Ways to request a review

You can either call 101 or email 101 to request a review.  Please make it clear you wish to ask for a review of a decision under the police Victim Right to Review scheme.

We will also require the following information:

  • Name of victim
  • Crime number – your case will not be identified without this
  • Contact telephone number of victim
  • Any issues you wish to raise such as the reason you would like this decision to be reviewed

The result of your review should be explained to you within 30 working days of your initial contact.

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