Forecourt crime

The following information is for fuel forecourt retailers.

This advice is intended to reduce bilking and other fuel forecourt crimes. It is not exhaustive, but is aimed at helping forecourt retailers to examine their premises and procedures.

Examine the layout of your forecourt:

  • Does the kiosk operator have a clear view of all the petrol pumps?
  • How many points are there where vehicles can enter or leave the forecourt?
  • Are there speed humps?
  • Does your garage have closed-circuit television (CCTV) and/or automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)?
  • If so, do CCTV cameras have a clear view of each petrol pump?
  • Does the kiosk operator have access to the CCTV equipment and do they know how to work it?
  • Is there a CCTV management system in place?
  • Is the CCTV footage recorded in a format that courts can view? This is especially important for digital systems.
  • Is the CCTV registered under the Data Protection Act 1998? Are there signs telling people that the cameras are in use?
  • Do you have adequate lighting that allows your staff to identify registration number, colour of vehicle, etc?

Examine your procedures:

  • Do you display signs that advise people that you prosecute non-payers?
  • Is there a petrol pump management system? For example, one that turns off outside pumps at quieter times of the day?
  • Do you have online authorisation facilities for payments by card?
  • Do you examine your ‘drive-off’ figures for patterns in the times and frequencies of drive-offs, and do you act on them?
  • What procedures do you use to vet your staff? What crime prevention/reduction training do they receive?
  • Are you a member of British Oil Security Syndicate BOSS or Forecourt Watch?
  • For companies - if you need to obtain registered keeper details, please complete this form V888/2 from the DVLA.

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