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What do YOU want to protect yourself against?

Keeping illegal drugs out of properties that you own or manage

The legislation covering the use of premises, supply, cultivation, production, etc. of drugs is covered within the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.  It is far reaching, detailed and considerably too much to cover in detail here.  What we do provide here is some information to assist with improving knowledge and directing you to where you can acquire more information and support. 

Example:  It is a criminal offence to knowingly permit or allow premises to be used to produce or attempt to produce controlled drugs. 

Illegal drugs are categorised under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. The law puts legal and illegal drugs into three classes: A, B and C, according to the harm they can do to you, with Class A considered the most serious category. For more information please visit the Drugs & the law page.

What can YOU do to reduce the likelihood of it happening?

Keeping illegal drugs out of the properties you own or manage:

  • Read and take appropriate action as suggested in the booklet featured below.
  • Crimestoppers – if you see something or hear something that is unusual or suspicious you can pass it on anonymously to Crimestoppers (0800 555 111) who will receive the information you provide and pass it to the relevant police force for consideration of action.
  • Liaise with your local police and keep in touch by signing up to our community messaging system.

Where can YOU get more help and advice?

Keeping illegal drugs out of properties is in your own interests and may require some effort.

We have produced a guide for landlords and property managers which is a small booklet. It provides advice to help landlords spot the signs of illegal drug farms, including information on the possible costs of drug activity in the property, how to deter drug activity, preventing drug crime, as well as how to report suspected drug cultivation and dealing.


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