Safe Places Scheme

People who may be feeling vulnerable will find it comforting to know that if they go to a registered ‘Safe Place’, the staff there will do their best to help them.

Safe Places

Safe Places is a scheme that helps people with learning disabilities if they feel anxious or they are faced with verbal abuse, bullying, or harassment when out in the community. The scheme provides them with a 'safe place' to go. Window stickers show where the Safe Places are. These can be seen in places such as shop, leisure centres, libraries and so on.

The Safe Places Scheme


I need help

‘I need help’ cards are carried by individuals. They contain contact details of a designated person who may be a family member or a carer.

Safe place card

The scheme has been set up to stop bullying and abuse of adults with learning disabilities in many areas of the country including Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

How does it work?

safe place logo / sticker

If a person with an ‘I need help’ card needs assistance when they are in the community, they can show this to a member of staff in a Safe Place. Someone will then call their designated person or the Police, depending on what the circumstances may be.

Venues involved in the scheme are easily identifiable by the yellow logo displayed in their front window.

Going to a Safe Place can be used in any situation where a person with a learning disability is feeling vulnerable. For example, if someone is being called names or if they are being bullied. Or they may have missed the bus and are feeling overwhelmed.

Where are Safe Places located?

The scheme is in operation across many parts of the UK.

How do venues get involved in the scheme?

Please select HERE to download the application forms

How do individuals obtain an ‘I need help’ card?

Please contact Devon Link Up on 07808 053992

Who do I contact if I need any more information?

Please contact Devon Link Up on 07808 053992

or for more information read the Devon Link Up PDF.

or visit the Devon link up website

A map

Orange houses are the Safe Places in Devon.

Green houses are the Safe Places in Plymouth.

Blue pins show the third party reporting centres for hate crime in Plymouth

Cornwall has it own very cool map displaying its addresses and more already!

Non Emergency Directory (NED)

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