What you can expect from us

Who is responsible for dealing with anti-social behaviour?

Your local council, social landlords and the police all have strong and effective powers to deal with anti-social behaviour problems.

If anti-social behaviour is affecting you or your family, you can expect us and your local council to treat the problem seriously, take action and then report back to you what action has been taken.

What we will do

Every neighourhood has a local policing team, who are committed to finding out what your local problems are and helping to get them resolved.

Our anti-social behaviour service pledge

We have signed up to a service pledge which outlines the minimum level of service you can expect from Devon & Cornwall Police and our partners, should you be experiencing anti-social behaviour. These pledges are available from your local Community Safety Partnership, listed on the 'How to report anti-social behaviour page'.

If we fail to act, what can you do?

If you have reported anti-social behaviour, but do not feel that action has been taken, you can complain to your local policing team, or the council through their complaints procedure.

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