Crimebeat supported projects

The below are examples of the different types of projects the grants have help fund.

Funding in action

On Track Education Services

On Track Education ServicesA lack of education, opportunities and low self-esteem all have an impact and young people who have offended tend to have very little hope for their future.

On Track Education Services works with ex-offenders and young teenagers who have been excluded, or are on the verge of exclusion, from school. The Project offers the opportunity to establish a social enterprise business in bee keeping, helping to develop invaluable new skills and knowledge while building confidence and earning an income from selling the honey they produce.

This encourages a sense of pride in their achievements while creating hope for the future and a positive path away from offending, helping to reduce the likelihood of crime and anti-social behaviour in the community.

“I was given a chance to make a difference with my life. I now want to go to college and have plans to start my own business. I want to stay of out of trouble and know I don’t need to make those stupid choices I was making.”

Large Grants – Torrington Amateur Boxing Club (TABC)

Torrington Amateur Boxing Club

Often, it is those most at risk of social exclusion and isolation who start to feel disconnected and frustrated due to a lack of opportunities, limited facilities, poor transport links and families under to afford after school activities.

Run by qualified volunteer coaches, TABC has been able to encourage healthy lifestyles and positive community involvement through a local boxing club open five days a week.

This has shown a 30% reduction in anti-social behaviour and a 100% reduction in drugs offences as well as encouraging young people to stay safe and feel part of their local community.

“I used to struggle to stay motivated at school and felt my dyslexia meant that I wouldn’t get the chance to do well at anything. Being part of the club has helped to give me a purpose and focus on what I want to achieve, now nothing holds me back and I can overcome anything.”

Active Devon

"Thanks again for the £500 Crimebeat funding.

"We engaged 22 young people initially and 19 of these completed the course (1 gained employment part way through). They completed first aid and food hygiene training but most importantly gained some great communication skills and improved their self-esteem enormously.

"Here's some photos of the celebration event: Flicker

"Their volunteering day was spent clearing and painting the local YMCA premises and their community event consisted of them working with adults with learning difficulties at ROC Active. The skills they needed to deliver a range of fun team games on that day were learned through the programme too.

"Westward Pathfinder worked with us to provide employability training, Matt delivered a CSE session which built upon the safeguarding session I delivered.

"Torbay Council supported throughout and were able to give us 8 reconditioned bikes that some of the young people had to help them get around.

"All in all it was a great success and we're really pleased to have the support of Devon and Cornwall Police."

Above email from: Senior Development Manager for Active Devon

Around the table

Email update on projects progress

I am emailing you to provide you with an update of Around the Table, the Enactus Project that received the Crimebeat Grant in December of last year.

Since we applied for the grant, the project has made substantial progress. We have started to work with again Shilhay Community, a shelter situated in the centre of Exeter. Due to the availability of catering facilities on site, we have been able to start immediate project work with this shelter. We have had received a very positive response from the residents of this shelter and are currently confirming dates with them. We have also been meeting with YMCA, another shelter located in Exeter, and hope to confirm a partnership with them in the future. 

The greatest challenge has been forming partnerships with business in order to source free produce. However, we hope that as the project gains more publicity, more opportunities will be available to us.

The Crimebeat grant has enabled us to start implementing the project much sooner than we would otherwise had been able to. We now have the funds available to purchase the initial equipment, such as the soup flasks, marketing materials, and thermal cups immediately. We our also considering using the funds to purchase additional equipment that would allow us to produce a wider range of products the tray prove to be more popular, such as pies and samosas. 

Thank you for your support of our project. i will continue to ensure that I provide you with updates on the projects progress in the future.

Best Regards.

Around the Table Co Project Leader

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Crimebeat exampleDreamScheme Partnership

Police officers in Newton Abbot have been recognised for their hard work with local children after winning a national Crimebeat award.

The DreamScheme partnership is run by local PCSOs Vanessa Pike and Lisa Clubb together with Teign Housing and runs throughout the summer holidays helping children aged 8-13 years old.

The children work on local clean-up projects in the community and are then rewarded with trips like going to the cinema, bowling and quasar games.   

The project is funded through Crimebeat funds which is money recovered from criminal activity, via the Proceeds of Crime Act and seizure of assets during Police raids.

One of the project’s successes is a young boy who has gone onto join his local Police Cadets. His parents said

“since being involved with Vanessa and the DreamScheme, our child has gone from strength to strength both in school and at home. DreamScheme has given him a sense of self worth and pride”

Police Community Support Officer, Vanessa Pike, said

“It’s a pleasure to see the children out of their usual habits of anti-social behaviour.  Every year I see the children really develop morally and socially, as well as benefitting from the rewards of their labour. Often young people I have worked with are disadvantaged and are cocooned in their local environment.  DreamScheme has shown them new things and opportunities that life has to offer beyond boredom and vandalism.“

The High Sheriff of Devon, Admiral Sir James Burnell-Nugent, presented the award to the team and said

“This is the most impressive crime reduction project I have seen in my time as High Sheriff of Devon.  It is targeted street by street, where issues of anti-social behaviour amongst the young are serious.  It is collaborative between the police the local authority, local schools, residents associations and residents themselves. 

Above all it is achieving positive outcomes – as reported by residents, police and the young people themselves and epitomised by one participant joining the police cadets.”

Barbara Wilding, CBE, QPM Chair, National Crimebeat said:

“I am very pleased to inform you that ‘DreamScheme’ has been awarded a Certificate of Commendation – Congratulations Devon!  Thanks you for participating and keep up the good work.

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Garden Project 2015

The Crimebeat award provided an excellent opportunity for the young members of the Youth Club to get involved in the “Backyard Garden Project”. The garden at the club was in a poor condition and the young people attending the youth club felt that it could really do with tidying up. The Crimebeat award meant that after the initial tidy up the young members were able to use their creativity and artistic skill to completely revamp the area. The members decided that they would try to make the area resemble a garden as much as possible even though it is covered in cement. It was decided that murals of nature (i.e. flowers, trees, sunshine, etc.) should be painted on the walls and trellises be erected to cover the walls we can’t paint and cover them with climbing plants. 

At the start of the project we were able to interest some “older” young people from the area who would normally be hanging around on the streets to get involved as well as our regular members. During the summer of 2015 approximately 15 young people worked on the planning and execution of the murals. It was also decided the cement blocks and metal rails that line the walkway needed to be painted, as they were extremely ugly and splattered with paint from old projects.

The kids were able to complete about one half of the total project before the weather changed and cut short the time we thought we had. The project will be picked up again in the spring.

Still to be done:

  • Trellis, planters and plants to run along red painted wall
  • Two benches (one to replace the broken one and another to put where the bins used to be)
  • Finish floral mural behind the bins
  • Snake mural around door
  • Stairwell  (power washed, scraped, painted white with additional murals of birds)
  • Possible camouflage of the bins (small shed?)

The project gave our members an opportunity to express themselves positively through creative painting. As a result of this project we have found a strong interest in art and design, amongst our members who “enjoy making things rather than breaking them”. There is a real feeling pride of what they have achieved.

Since the success of this project we have continued to encourage creativity and facilitate the interests of our members with ongoing arts projects inside. This has proved successful now the weather is colder and the days are shorter and it is not practical to work on the project outside, we have applied for further funding to help facilitate these projects. An example of the work our members have been involved in are a Haunted House project, turning the basement area into a Haunted House for the younger groups at Halloween.

Please see below for pictures of what our members have achieved.

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