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Strong and resilient communities are a force to be reckoned with, they can work to implement change, reduce crime and encourage community spirit and Crimebeat aims to help by offering grants.

What is Devon Crimebeat?

Devon and Cornwall Police works in partnership with Devon Community Foundation and the High Sheriff of Devon to distribute Devon Crimebeat grants to community groups across Devon, Plymouth and Torbay. Helping to enhance skills and personal development of local people by supporting local community initiatives that reduce and antisocial behaviour.

The Devon Crimebeat fund is managed by the Foundation, with a proportion of the proceeds from money seized from criminal assets and sales of stolen goods that cannot be returned to their owners, alongside championing from each year’s High Sheriff.

“Devon Crimebeat Grants in Devon help to build safer and stronger communities. The Foundation’s involvement in Crimebeat ensures that the money officers recover through the Police Property Act and the Proceeds of Crime Act is back in the community where it belongs. Essentially, turning bad money, good.” Julian Pezzani, Devon Partnership Inspector

What funding is available?

Funding is available on three levels to support local projects in Devon, Torbay and Plymouth that are focussed on young and/or vulnerable people affected by crime, harm and/or disorder. Projects should be focused on crime prevention and/or community safety as well as supporting projects working to reduce:

  • Offending
  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse
  • School Absenteeism

Devon Crimebeat Individual Grants – up to £500 awarded;

  • to young people with community minded initiatives promoting crime prevention and/or community safety (via a host organisation)

Devon Crimebeat Small Grants - up to £2,000 awarded;

  • to small community groups likely to have small income less than £50,000 pa
  • to community groups that are mainly run by volunteers
  • to community groups who support community cohesion and inclusion

Devon Crimebeat Larger Grants - up to £5,000 awarded;

  • to community groups that have an income up to £250,000 pa
  • to community groups who are growing and developing
  • to community projects that are preventative and respond to crisis

How to Apply?

Individuals and Community Projects can apply for funding through Devon Community Foundation. It is important to note that the Devon Crimebeat Fund has no deadlines for applications so you can submit your Stage 1 Application at any time.  However, each application will need to be known to and/or endorsed by a staff member of Devon & Cornwall Police such as a PSCO.    

For more information on, how the application process works and what we can and cannot fund and to submit your application please visit Devon and Community Foundation (DCF) website.

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