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A proof of age standards scheme (PASS) card has been launched across England and Wales to provide a single, formal proof of age for young people.

The scheme is the preferred proof of age identification of Devon & Cornwall Police.

A new standardised 18+ design has been adopted in England and Wales to combat the confusion created by multiple card designs amongst retailers. Use of the PASS card gives retailers and their staff the confidence of knowing that the card is a trusted and Secure form of identification.

Possession of a PASS accredited card demonstrates your age and personal details have been verified by your card issuer and you are who you say you are.

The new card will not only help to ensure those aged under 18 are unable to access age-restricted products, but it will also mean that those who are legally entitled to may do so on production of a valid PASS card.

For young people it negates them having to carry driving licences or passports which can be lost or stolen. PASS cards also only cost £15 whereas a driving licence will cost £50 and a passport £72.50.

Carrying the new PASS card will mean that valuable documents, such as passports and driving licences, are less likely to be lost and young people less likely to be victims of potential fraud that can result. Over 50% of passports reported lost in the UK are reported lost at night, by people aged 18 to 25.

Every card that carries a PASS hologram will have been issued by a provider who has been through a stringent application and accreditation process.

The scheme is supported by the Home Office and backed by Trading Standards Institute, Security Industry Authority (SIA), the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and all major relevant Trade Associations. It is hoped that the card will become the standard proof of age document in this region.

For further information visit: Validate UK

For a list of other card suppliers and to apply visit: Card suppliers

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