Cannabis - no big deal?

Cannabis is a Class B drug. Its use can cause serious long term health problems.


  • affects psychological development in young people
  • can cause a higher than average risk of developing a psychotic illness such as schizophrenia 
  • can lead to a serious psychiatric illness
  • damages concentration & motivation
  • adversely affects your heart rate & blood pressure
  • can damage fertility in men and women
  • leads to dependency
  • significantly increases the risk of lung cancer

Looking for help?

Druglink is a charity working in partnership with the police to help people of all ages realise the potential dangers of drug abuse.

The three-hour educational programme explores:

  • the link between the possession of cannabis and offending
  • the stages of addiction
  • the physical & psychological harms 
  • the impact on a person’s future life 
  • the legal consequences

The course encourages participants to reduce their cannabis use or stop using it completely. It helps participants assess the impact of their use through anonymous interactive questions, and also to view the impact it was having on their lives and those around them.

Druglink provide courses for both adults and young people.

"Before the course I was unemployed and had no motivation to do anything, my life revolved around smoking. Since the course I have stopped smoking cannabis and I have now got myself a full time job. It really sorted me out".

You can refer yourself onto the course, it costs £40 (correct 19/09/12)

To book your place or to find out more contact Druglink on 01923 271783 or email Druglink here

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