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Initial referral

Concerns were raised at a professional’s case conference regarding a white male in his 20’s who had been seeking support for issues regarding his extreme thoughts. Professionals were worried about him acting on his extreme right wing viewpoints. Some of his comments were of a violent extremist nature and the potential for him to act them out was a real concern. It transpired that he had already been directly involved with far right groups and was overtly supportive of this on social media.  

Information gathering and Channel

The male was adopted into the Channel programme.

Information sharing identified that there had been significant events in his life that may have shaped the viewpoints he held.  He was involved in an incident involving a person from a visible ethnic minority group which left him with an injury. He was unable to drive and lost his job as a result of the injury and subsequently became bitter about employment opportunities. He also developed a grievance against those that were not part of his own perceived British values and he began to research extremist material.

Channel professionals agreed that the best way to address the core issues/concerns was to employ a Far Right specialist intervention provider.  


A meeting was held with the male to offer him the Channel support in the form of a Far Right mentor. He was very keen for this and sessions began soon afterwards.

Once the mentoring support started it became clear that the male had a twisted  view of far right ideology. The intervention provider was able to dispel myths and provide a sound basis for the male to re-evaluate his `extremist` thoughts.

During this time the male also engaged successfully with a local voluntary sector organisation that enabled him to build further personal and work related skills in order to benefit his employment opportunities.

Channel success    

He is now finding meaningful employment and is able to focus on his family life. He is not engaging with Far Right groups now and realises that violent extremism is not the way forward in trying to make any political viewpoint.

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