Your digital safety

Internet crime is taking place on websites, social media networks, mobile apps and any items you own that can be connected to the interent (Internet of things (IoT)). Internet crime adapts and takes advantages of your lack of knowledge. To minimise the chances of becoming a victim of crime change passwords from default ones, do not use the same password and always upload the latest secruity patchs and operating systems.

Links to internet safety information for our Polish readers

The Safer Internet centre have some fantastic resources for Polish speaking young people to help with Internet safety. There are three sites for young people (pre school, 6-12, and 12 and over). There is also a resource for parents.

  • - online portal with lots of engaging content for children and young people aged 6 - 12
  • - one for young people aged 12 and over
  • - a website with animations, videos, games and songs for pre-school aged children

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