Reporting online abuse

You should report malicious behaviour aimed at yourself to the administrator of the website/social media site being used.

Malicious behaviour includes online harassment, stalking, or trolling.

Information on how to report malicious or abuse on some of the most popular social networking sites can be found by selecting the links below:

For other sites please use their site search and or check their 'contact us' section page.

You should also take screen grabs of the offensive content and then block them. To block a person please check the how to guides of the website/social media site.

If the person who sent you the malicious content still manages to cause you emotional harm by texting, emailing or mailing you through the postal service please keep a copy of all material. Save texts, emails and letters/parcels, create a diary of offenses and call or email 101 for further advice.

If you believe yourself to be at imminent risk of harm then call 999.

Non Emergency Directory (NED)

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