Cash machines - ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

Be aware that cash machines (ATM’s) may have been modified in order to:

  • Copy or ‘skim’ card details and PIN numbers using hidden cameras.
  • Trap the card in the machine.

After the cardholder leaves, the criminal removes the device, along with the card. Be mindful of people behind you at cash machines:

  • They may be ‘shoulder surfing’ for your PIN number.
  • Attempt to steal the card using distraction techniques or pick pocketing.
  • Talk you into re-entering the PIN while the criminal watches.

If you suspect a device has been placed on an ATM do not attempt to move it. The suspects may be nearby and use violence if their device is likely to be interfered with. Call the police or contact the bank, if it is open, immediately.

(Source:Met Police)


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