Credit and debit card fraud

Protecting your card details is important.

Card fraud includes the use of stolen cards to make direct purchases and the use of compromised card details to buy items over the phone or via the internet, in ‘Card Not Present’ or CNP fraud.

Protecting your card details is important.

Do not write your PIN number down or disclose it to other people.

  • Dispose of statements or slips which contain your card details securely by shredding with a cross cut (confetti) shredder.
  • Do not let others see your PIN number - cover your hand when entering it in any machine.
  • Check your statements regularly, including low value transactions.
  • Notify your card company immediately if you suspect fraud.
  • Use a CREDIT card in preference to a DEBIT card, especially if you are not sure about the location at which you are using the card.
  • Debit cards are linked to your bank account and fraud can result in you becoming overdrawn and not able to withdraw cash.
  • Credit Card companies are very good at spotting unusual transaction patterns.

(Source:Met Police)


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