Staying safe while out for the night

One to watch: Keys. Money. Phone and a plan to get home

Before your night out

If you're planning a night out, remember to plan your journey home!

Top tips for staying safe 

  • Walk in well-lit, well-used areas where there are lots of people.
  • Always stay alert.
  • Think about how you’ll be getting home before you go out.
  • If you use a taxi make sure it is licensed.  If the taxi driver doesn’t know your name – don’t get in!
  • Always carry your mobile, make sure it is charged and you have enough credit.
  • If you look and act drunk you are more vulnerable – drink responsibly.
  • Friends look after each other, make sure your mates know where you’re going.

There are steps you can take to help keep yourself safe. Many sexual offences occur when alcohol is involved during a night out. Don’t take your safety for granted!

When you’re out

  • Remember that alcohol can affect your actions and reactions as well as reduce your ability to be alert - alcohol is the most common date rape drug.
  • If you begin to feel really drunk after only a couple of drinks, get help from a trusted friend or a member of staff from the club or pub management.
  • Stay away from situations that you do not feel comfortable with.
  • Make sure you set aside cash for your journey home.
  • Don’t drink so much that you are unable to say NO!

Coming home from a night out

  • Stick with your friends, don’t leave them to make their way home with someone they’ve only just met.
  • Consider very carefully whether you should leave the pub, club or party with someone you have only just met.
  • Always try to pre-book a taxi through a licensed minicab office, and make sure the taxi that you get into is actually the taxi that you ordered.
  • Sit in the rear of the vehicle and always carry a mobile phone or rape alarm.

Teenage victim tells us how she was sexually assaulted

Hear from this young lady about how her great night turned out to be a night she would never forget for the wrong reasons. Her friend sexually assaulted her but with help and support she learnt to deal with the ordeal and make others aware of how and where to get help.

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