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How do I report someone I suspect is driving without an MOT certificate?

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Driving without an MOT is a criminal offence unless you are driving to a pre-booked MOT test at an approved centre. Failing to have a valid MOT certificate can result in a fine.

If you suspect someone is driving without a MOT certificate, please check the MOT status using the DVLA checker.

If you establish that there is no current MOT for the vehicle , please report this to the police 101 non emergency service. If you use the 101 email you can attach any photographic evidence you may have.

Please include the following information:

  • Location and direction of travel of vehicle when seen
  • When and where they usually drive
  • The make, model and registration (VRM) of the vehicle
  • If the driver is known to the caller, what is the driver's name, address and DOB
  • How the reporting person has become aware of this information
  • Reporting person’s details if they are happy to provide this – name, address, contact number.

Please dial 999 immediately if you are aware of someone currently driving or about to drive without MOT.

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AskNed is the copyright © of Devon and Cornwall Constabulary 2015, all rights reserved

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