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Emergency- text / SMS - 999

The Text 999 number is NOT for general use and anyone misusing it will have their mobiles deactivated.

To register your mobile for the Emergency Text 999 service please follow this link at emergency SMS:

Emergency - Minicom/Textphone number - 18000

Call if life is threatened, if people are injured, if there is a fire, if offenders are nearby, if immediate action is required to save lives, stop injury or catch criminals.

When texting the emergency controller, REMEMBER:

  • What? What is the problem?
  • Which? Need police, fire service, ambulance, coastguard?
  • Where? Give the name of road and town, plus more information like house number, outside Post Office or near bus station.

Non-emergency - SMS/Text number - 67101

Non-emergency - Minicom/Textphone number - 18001 101

If a crime has already happened, to give information about a crime or to speak to your local officer.

You can also contact us about non-urgent matters by emailing 101.

Important points about the service:

  • This service is provided as a specific access service for people who cannot use voice telephony and is not an additional service for general contact. Voice contact to the 999 service in an emergency situation remains the method of contact for those able to access it.
  • We will take action against any individuals who misuse the 999 SMS / text service.
  • We cannot be held responsible for delays in receiving messages. A person using the service will know their message has been received only when they receive a reply. Until a reply is received, it is advisable to try other ways to contact the emergency services. As with any text messaging system, no text messages are guaranteed to arrive quickly, and the service relies on the mobile phone companies and the network.

Non Emergency Directory (NED)

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