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If you would like to receive an update on the status of a crime that you have already reported to us, please complete all form fields below:-

Please note: - We can only provide an update for a crime that has been recorded either online or by telephone and that you have a valid crime reference number for.

Crime update request

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Please note, the reference number must be prefixed with the letters CR, and suffixed with the 2 digits relating to the year the report was made - e.g. CR/123456/21
Please use 'dd/mm/yyyy' format
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Please note: - if the response is 'no further action taken' please do not be disheartened as all crime reported is used to create a crime intelligence map which influences our priorities and resourcing.

Information from your crime report may also be the piece in a puzzle we need to solve a series of crimes in an area. So your report could give us useful information to investigate previous crimes that we had very little information for.

These forms are NOT monitored continuously 24 hours a day.

Please note: We aim to action your request within 24 hours of its receipt. If your email needs to be forwarded to a specialist department or a particular officer we will do that within 24 hours, however that department or the officer in charge of your crime may not be able to respond for a number of days due to irregular working hours or other commitments.

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