Report a vehicle with no MOT or tax

To report a vehicle with no tax please visit the site.

To report a vehicle with no MOT

If you would like to report a vehicle you believe has been abandoned, please contact your local council.

It is the responsibility of the council not the police to deal with the removal of abandoned vehicles.

If you are aware that a person is using a vehicle which has no MOT, please complete the form below.

The cars details
When and where they usually drive and the location and direction of travel of vehicle when seen
The car owners details
Please include postcode
Your details
Confirm and send

Please note: We aim to action your request within 24 hours of its receipt. If your email needs to be forwarded to a specialist department or a particular officer we will do that within 24 hours, however that department or the officer may not be able to respond for a number of days due to irregular working hours or other commitments.

Please note: it is not always possible for the officer to respond quickly due to shift work or other commitments.

To find out what happens to your form once completed please visit the pages below:

Non Emergency Directory (NED)

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