Emergencies 999

Phone 999 immediately if life is threatened, if people are injured, if there is a fire, if offenders are nearby, if immediate action is required to save lives, stop injury or catch criminals.

You can ask for the coastguard, the ambulance service the fire service or the police.

999 should not be used to report lost items, noisy neighbours or to check if your plug sockets are working. These are real examples of when people have called the emergency number.

Deaf/hard of hearing and speech impaired

18000 Emergency – Minicom/Textphone number

999 Emergency -  SMS/Text number

To register your mobile for the Emergency Text 999 service please follow this link: emergency SMS.

Preparing for emergencies

If you are involved in any emergency it is important to:

  • Make sure 999 has been called if people are injured or if there is a threat to life
  • Do not put yourself or others in danger
  • Follow the advice of the emergency services
  • Try to remain calm and think before acting and try to reassure others
  • Check for injuries - remember to attend to yourself before attempting to help others
  • If you are not involved in an accident but are close by or believe you may be in danger, in most cases the advice is: GO IN, STAY IN, TUNE IN

Major incidents – reporting someone missing

Please visit the Reporting a missing person page.

What to do if you call 999 by mistake?

Unfortunately, we sometimes receive calls to 999 Emergency which have been made by mistake. 

These calls usually happen by accident when a child is playing with a smartphone or when it’s in a pocket or bag.    

If you do call the 999 Emergency by mistake – don’t hang, please speak to the operator and tell them they are safe before ending the call.

When on holiday in Europe

The emergency number when in Europe is 112.

One to watch: 999 Coastguard - Every Second Counts

Silent 999 Calls

For more informaiton please go visit to the Silent 999 call page


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