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We are looking for nominations of people who have shown positive contributions in the following catagories...

Nominations will be open from 26 March 2018 – 1 June 2018

Nominating categories


1 Making healthy choices

Do you know someone who has made a positive change to make healthier choices?


Examples could include following a healthy eating lifestyle, learning new cooking skills, giving up smoking and so on.


2 Taking up a new sport or activity

Do you know someone who has taken up a new sport or activity to change their lifestyle?

Examples could include do some volunteering work, taking up bowling or doing a sponsored walk.


3 Learning and achievement

Do you know someone who has learnt something new or who has achieved something worthwhile?

Examples could include completing a course, learning a new skill, like knitting or gaining a qualification.


4 Act of bravery

Do you know someone who has demonstrated bravery?

Examples could include someone who is very brave when faced with many challenges, or someone who has been a local hero.

Walking a dog

5 Act of kindness

Do you know someone who has performed an act of kindness which has made a difference to someone else's life?

Examples could include helping someone with their weekly shopping, looking after someone through illness, taking someone's pet for daily walks or even keeping a person company who is lonely.

Safe places logo

6 Keep safe ambassador

Do you know someone who has done good work around keeping safe?

Examples could include being involved in the 'Safe Place Scheme', taking part in the Police/Devon Link-Up 'Keeping safe' sessions, or keeping safe online.


7 Community champion (volunteer)

Do you know someone who has done exceptional work in their local community?

Examples could include helping out at a local club, or making a difference somehow to their local community.

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