Protecting your home

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How to protect your home from burglars


Do not make it easy for people to steal from your home.

Door locks

Fit strong locks on your front and back doors

Always keep your front and back doors locked

Lock doors

Keep your doors locked even when you are in the house.

Key in a safe place

Do not leave the key in the door.

Put in safe place.

Door chain

Fit a door chain to your front and back door.

Use it before you open the door.

Fit locks on all your windows

Close windows

Close windows before you leave a room

Lock window

Lock windows before you leave the house

Check your doors and windows are in good conditions.

Rotten window frame

Check door frames and windows frames and make sure they are strong.

A workman

Get doors and windows fixed if they look broken.

A removal van for funiture

If you move house get new locks fitted to the windows and doors

Never leave anything valuable on view from the inside

Stealing a laptop

Someone may break in and take it

Look after the spare keys to your home

Keys in the hand

Only leave spare keys with a trusted neighbour, friend or relative

Teddy on keys

Put your keys on a key ring that stands out. This makes them easier to find.

Address on keys

Never put your keys on a tag that has your address written on it.

Don't leave your keys outside where someone could find them

Keys under flower pot

Don't put your spare keys under a flower pot

Keys under the door mat

Don't put your keys under a doormat

Never leave large amounts of cash at home


Always keep large amounts of money in a bank

Register your valuables on the immobilise website

Immobilise The uk national property register

Go to and ask someone to help you fill in the form.

If your valuables are stolen, and the police find them, they can give them back to you

Have an outside light near your door

Light pulb

Light outside

The light should go on at night and off during the day

Have a light on inside your home if you are out

House lights on after dark

Timer Plug

You can use a timer to make sure the light goes on and off at different times.

Keep your home safe while you are away

A man opening a suit case in front of a house

Milk newspapers deliveries

Cancel milk, newspapers and other deliveries

Lock doors

Lock window

Lock all your doors and windows

Social club, people drinking tea and playing bowls

Shh. A man with his fingers to his lips

Don't talk about going away where strangers can hear you

Social media logos

Shh. A man with his fingers to his lips

Don't talk about going away on Social Media like Twitter or Facebook

Two people in front of a house clasping hands and smiling

Ask someone you trust to check your home is ok while you are away.

A mobile phone with a number showing on the screen

Two people clasping hands and smiling

Give a phone number where you can be contacted to a neighbour you can trust.

Think about joining your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

neighbourhood watch

Neighbourhood Watch Schemes are run by local people with the help of the Police to help keep themselves and their neighbours safe.

Think about having a burglar alarm put up on your house so that everyone can see it.

Burglar alarm

Turn the burglar alarm on when you go out.

Always tell the Police if a crime has happened to you

The word Police on the back of a police officers jacket

A police woman writting down information a woman is telling her

For information on how to contact the contact please select this Contact the police link.

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