Travelling safely

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How to stay safe when you are travelling by taxi


Book in advance

Keep the phone number of a taxi company you trust with you

Book a taxi in advance.

This is safer than having to look for a taxi.

Red Taxi

What to ask when booking a taxi.

Ask for the driver's name and the colour of the car.

When the taxi arrives, check it is the right colour car and name of the driver.

If you are not sure don't get in the car.

Sitting in the back

Always sit in the back of the taxi, behind the driver.

Don't sit next to the driver.

Only talk to the driver about everyday things not personal things.

If you are not sure don't get in the car.

If you need a taxi when you are out and about.

Taxi company

Get a taxi from a taxi office.

Taxi rank

Get a taxi from a taxi rank.

A man in a car drivers seat

Never accept a lift from a stranger who approaches you - even if they say they are a taxi driver.

Taxi licence

A real taxi will have a license.

This must be on show on the back of their car.

Taxi id

The driver must have an ID card that has their photo on.

Well lit street

If you feel unsafe in a taxi. Ask to be let out in a busy, well-lit area.

Travelling on buses and trains.

Catching a bus


It is best to travel with another person.

Night and day

Try not to travel at night.

It is safer to travel in daylight.

Plan your journey carefully.

Not too early

Know what time your bus or train should arrive.

Don't get there too early.

Good planning can stop you having to wait too long.

Waiting at a bus stop

If you do have to wait. Wait in a well-lit place near to other people.

Tips for staying safe when on the bus or train.

A bus driver

Sit near the driver or other people with children.

empty seats

Try not to sit in an empty train, bus or on the top deck of a bus.

Do not site near loud people

Try not to sit near loud groups of people.

Holding a ticket

Keep your ticket in your hand or in your pocket.

Do not keep it in your purse or wallet.

Keep your purse, wallet, mobile phone safe and hidden from view.

Try to keep away from trouble.

Tell someone

If you don't like the look of someone move away from them.

If someone is being nasty to you tell the guard or driver about it.

If you are attacked call for help.

Call for help

Shout as loud as you can, 'get off me' or 'stop it' or 'help'.

Personal alarm

Use your personal alarm.

Push button to stop

A red bus

Use the bell on the bus.

Pull handle

Blue train

Use the emergency chain on a train.

Train help point

At a train station you can also ask for help by pushing the big green emergency button.

The blue button is for general information about train times.

Always call 999 if you are in danger.

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