Visitors to your home

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How to stay safe when people come to your door

Don't let them in

If you are not happy do not let them in.

Call at the door

Most people who come to your home are ok.

Bogus callers

Caller at the front door


Bogus callers are people who try to trick you.

They want to come into your home to steal things.

Man Woman Child

Bogus callers can be men, women or even children.

Don't let them in


If you are not sure about a caller do not let them in.

Some bogus callers say they need your help

Glass of water - wash hands

A ball a cat

They may say they need things like:

  • A drink of water
  • To wash their hands
  • To use the telephone
  • To find a lost ball or animal

Don't let them in


Never let strangers asking for your help into your home.

Cold callers.

A workman

Workers who call uninvited are called cold callers.

Workman at the door

They may tell you that urgent work needs to be done on your home.

Never agree to have any work done by someone who knocks on the door.

No cold callers

You can download a free small poster which you can stick to your window near your front door.

The poster says no cold callers.

Some bogus callers say they are from a company

A tap, a flame and an electric pug

They may say they are from a gas, water or electric company.

A picture of a word that says password

Agree a password with your gas, electric and water company.

When they visit you they will say the password so that you know that they are really from that company

This doesn't cost money to do

Water, gas and electricity staff expect you to check their identity

Showing ID

Check their identity carefully before letting them in.

They don't mind waiting.

A dripping tap

Water company staff don't need to go inside your home to test water pressure or fix a leak.

A letter

If they do need to go inside your home they will write to you to make an appointment

If you are not expecting visitors it is okay not to answer the door.

Knocking on the door

Don't let them in

Don't let strangers into your home

You can say no thank you to cold callers

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