Hiblio-TV covers sensitive issues

Members of the diverse communities team are working closely with the NHS to develop content for an online TV programme that helps raise awareness of key themes including safety, health, wellbeing and lifestyle. Sensitive issues of  hate and mate crime were among the first programmes to be aired.

A 20-minute programme about hate crime explores how people are often targeted because of their differences and exploited because of their vulnerability. It gives examples of crimes prejudiced by protected characteristics including race, disability and ethnicity and urges anyone who is a victim of these crimes to report them.

Hiblio (the name derives from the ancient Greek word ‘bibliothea’ meaning library and ‘health’) has also been used to raise awareness of the Safe Places schemes which is being re-launched across Devon. The scheme provides places of safety for people with learning disabilities to seek support if they find themselves feeling helpless or anxious while in the community.

Sergeant Sally Kingdon and Communications Officer Karen Mandefield have been instrumental in helping get the project off the ground.

Sgt Sally Kingdon said “We are eager to work closely with our partners to find new avenues of reaching our communities. Hiblio enables us to do this and raise awareness of these sensitive issues. We are keen to see its audience grow.”

The founder, Paul Norrish of NHS Trust explained that Hiblio was developed because of identifications of gaps in information held online about health and safety issues. It followed personal experiences of his fathers’ diagnosis of diabetes and his son’s experience of searching for bullying advice for a friend. Each turned to online videos to seek advice, but his father was faced with contradicting information and his son discovered videos of how to be an effective bully. So with the backing of partner agencies including public sector, private sector, voluntary and charitable organisations, Paul’s aim was to create a library of conversations to give advice and information about health and wellbeing.

After 12-months of working with its developers, Hiblio is the first of its kind in Devon. The online TV channel  aims to give viewers information about the topics that are relevant to them. With unlimited access and subscription free, it will include a library of 20-minute programmes, each dedicated to the subjects of keeping well and keeping safe. 

Viewers can watch conversations at www.hiblio.tv. They can be viewed on internet enabled devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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