Media Office contacts

How to contact our media office if you are an accredited journalist or member of the press.

Our media office opening hours are 7.30am-5:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Please be aware that we log all media contact on a secure database, comprising the name and contact details of the enquirer, the questions asked and replies given. This is done for auditing and legally required disclosure purposes.

Direct line: 01392 225200

Email: Media Office

Outside of these hours, the media line is answered by the Force Incident Manager but the media office mailbox is not monitored.

All the latest press releases are published online and we regularly post on Twitter and Facebook.

Media filming requests

We receive a large number of filming requests each week relating to both operational and non-operational matters. We are only able to support a fraction of the opportunities we are presented with. To help us consider your request effectively, please complete the following form. A decision will be made as quickly as possible and you will be notified.

Please note: This service is only available to journalists.

Media filming requests

If you have filmed with another police force in connection with a similar project, please provide details of a named contact
Please provide a summary of the subjects or areas you wish to cover
If you know the name of specific individuals or have details of locations, vehicles or equipment you wish to have access to please give details
If you are making a programme, please state what stage you are at. Are you putting together a proposal or has the programme already been commissioned?
Please state the names of other organisations or individuals. This will allow us to understand the context within which any facilities/filming will be used.

What happens next

The media office aim to respond to your email within 7 working days if you have supplied your email address.

In more detail

Question: What are the reasons for collecting this information?

Answer: to enable the media manager to make an informed decision on whether to accept or decline the filming request.

Question: Where is the information stored once it has been emailed?

Answer: The email remains within the Forces secure internal mail system in the press email folder until a member of the press team opens it and responds to the enquiry and moves it across to the press teams internal system.

Question: Who has access to this information?

Answer: The media officers of both Devon and Cornwall Police and Dorset Police

Question: How long is the information held for?

Answer: Indefinitely

Question: If I want to have the emailed information deleted, or removed from the media office email box and internal systems which email address do I send this request to and how long will the process take.

Answer: Please email the media office and a media officer will respond to your email within 7 working days.

Question: Will you be able to email me to let me know that you have deleted all the information from your internal systems?

Answer: If you have provided your email we will respond to your request within 7 working days.


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