Storing explosives

You can store one or more of the following without a license:

  • No more than 10kg of shooters’ powder
  • No more than 5kg of -
    • Shooters’ powder, or
    • Any hazard type 3 or 4 explosive, or desensitised explosive, which is not a relevant explosive, or a combination of hazard type 3 or 4 explosives, or desensitised explosives, which are not relevant explosives; or
    • A combination of shooters’ powder and any hazard type 3 or 4 explosives, or desensitised explosives which are not relevant explosives
  • 15kg of percussion caps or small arms ammunition (or a mixture of them).

Apply now ER2.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) deals with the licensing of all manufacture, factories, mines and harbours, and all stores holding more than 2,000kg.

Fees for storage

Return forms to:
Assistant Explosives Liaison Officer,
Firearms and Explosives Licensing Unit, 
Police Headquarters, 
Exeter, EX2 7HQ.


Explosives Licensing team
Firearms and Explosives Licensing Unit
Devon & Cornwall Police
Middlemoor, Exeter
Tel: 01392 226221

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