Firearms change of address form

If you change your permenant home address within the life of your certificate, please complete this form and we can update your records.

Change of address information

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Question: What are the reason for collecting this information?

Answer: The online reporting form/email works in the same way as a caller reporting a crime or incident over the telephone via our 101 non-emergency service.  Therefore we ask for the same information that we would take over the telephone in order to correctly deal with the mater and create incident logs or crime reports as appropriate and in line with current policies and procedures. 

Question: Where is the information stored once it has been emailed?

Answer: Emails/online contact forms are stored within an archive folder within 101 email mailbox. Incident logs are stored within STORM. Occurrences are stored within UNIFI.

Question: Who has access to this information?

Answer: Emails can be accessed by email trained staff within the Firearms team.

Question: If a person wants to have the emailed information deleted, or removed from any Force database, or devices it has been saved to which email address do they send this request to and how long will the process take.

Answer: The request would be made the Data Protection Team who would respond to the individual as soon as possible and within the statutory period of one month unless an extension is warranted.

If you have any questions about this process please contact the subject access team by email

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