Business requirements

A substantial level of business

The applicant will need to engage in a substantial level of business in firearms or needs to deal in firearms as a part of another trade, business or profession. This requirement can be satisfied by the supply of a detailed business plan and financial projections for expected trade over the three year period of registration with supporting documentary evidence.

The continued demonstration by the dealer that they are engaging in a substantial business will be demonstrated by the number of transactions entered in their registers. Devon & Cornwall Police will not support an application for  registration as a firearms dealer which is deemed to be an extension to a hobby.

Local planning authority

Anybody wishing to be considered for registration as a firearms dealer would need to contact their local Planning Authority to ensure that there are no objections to any change of use of the proposed premises for business use.

Game Fairs

Dealers wishing to conduct their business including exhibiting at game fairs etc must contact the Firearms Licensing Department for the area in which the game fair is to take place. There is a fee for this registration of  £12 where the location of the game fair is not within the force area of the main registration.


Firearms Licensing Officer
Devon & Cornwall Police, Firearms & Explosives Licensing Department
Police Headquarters
Middlemoor, Exeter

Tel: 01392 225650

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