For many years, Devon & Cornwall Police has provided a benefit to businesses and individual residents by recording details of their keyholders.

This enables a responsible person to be called out if an incident occurs at your property if you are unavailable (on holiday for example).

The keyholder information database and service has been successfully running for over 10 years and is staffed by personnel dedicated to inputting and maintaining the confidentiality of your details. In the event of a member of staff not being available to receive your call, please leave the required details on the answer-phone. We will call you back with your reference number.

To join

To join the scheme ring 0901 470 0440

You will need at hand the required information listed below so you can limit the length of your call. (Call costs are below) Please do not ring this number for any other purpose.

Required information

  • Your name and telephone number
  • The property name, address (including postcode) and telephone number
  • Two keyholder's details: their names, address (including postcode) and telephone number
  • A list of hazards at the address, such as toxic substances, dogs, ponds, swimming pools
  • And your preferred emergency repairs tradesmen and their contact number for glazing, locksmith and any others you can think of.

Who should join the new scheme?

Monitored alarm?

If your premises has a monitored alarm, then you should already be updating your alarm company and alarm receiving centre of your current keyholders.

However, you may also wish to join the scheme, quoting your existing Unique Reference Number in case there are any incidents which affect your premises but would not cause your alarm to be activated. For example, if there was a flood following a burst water pipe. Unless your alarm activates, the emergency services may not immediately know who your keyholders are.

Audible-only alarm?

If your alarm rings a bell or siren at the premises but is not monitored by a third party you may still join the scheme. It is of paramount importance that keyholders can be called to investigate why the alarm has activated and to reset it. Or call 101 to report any potentially crime related incident.  If you join the scheme officers will always know how to contact your keyholders.

No alarm?

Even if your factory, workshop, office or home does not have an alarm, should something happen at your address when you’re not there, the emergency services will know who to contact if you join.

What are the advantages to you?

  • The ability to bring problems at your property quickly to the attention of a keyholder – to ensure that your property receives attention in the shortest possible time.
  • To allow the authorities to quickly notify you of any impending danger such as flooding, pollution etc – to ensure your safety.
  • Your information will be kept secure and will only be available to the emergency services – to ensure the security of your personal details.
  • Your information can be easily updated to make life simpler. You may wish to advise us if leaving your property unoccupied for any length of time (holidays?).
  • You can indicate your preferences for emergency repairers – who we could call if we were unable to contact you.

How much does it cost?

To join the scheme you will need to call: 0901  470  0440. Calls on this premium line number are charged at 65p per minute plus your local Telecoms providers access charge. (Telecoms provider access charges can vary, depending on supplier, between 5 to 10 pence per minute from landlines and 20 to 44 pence per minute from mobile). The average call takes about three minutes to record your details. Always write down in advance the information that is required.

You will need to ring: 0901 470 0440 every two years

This is to ensure that your entry is kept ‘live’.

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