Police auction

Devon & Cornwall Police have recently launched an account on the Cottees Auction site

Items that are sold are either -

  • unclaimed found property
  • goods sold in accordance with a court order under the Proceeds of Crime Legislation
  • seized property which the Force is unable to return to an owner
  • or Force owned goods which are surplus to requirements

The public are able to purchase the array of items from the Cottees Auction site.

Unclaimed property

Found property is retained by the Force for a period of 28 days during which time all efforts will be made to reunite it with its owner. Where property remains unclaimed after this time items will be considered for sale through eBay.

Property marking

To assist in the return of found and stolen property please mark all your property to help officers locate its rightful owner.

Proceeds of Crime

Some of the property on eBay may have formed part of a Court 'Confiscation Order' under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) 2002. The purpose of POCA is to deprive a convicted criminal of any financial benefit that they may have made through their crimes and empowers the sale of their assets in order to pay off their confiscation order.

These goods are authentic but they have been bought with money obtained through crime. By selling items in this way, we hope to generate a bigger income from criminal assets, which will be reinvested in local policing initiatives once costs have been deducted.

Non Emergency Directory (NED)

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