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  1. It helps us to understand the use of the website so that we can improve the information and services that we provide.
  2. It provides you with access and authorisation when a logon is required to access any part of the site.
  3. It stores preferences that you've made so you need only make them once per visit or visits.

Some of these cookies are required in order for the site to function, these cookies will be set without prompting you, where they are not we will allow you the option to "opt in" to using these cookies before we set them, if you do not we will not store a cookie for that function of the site. Additionally, where possible, we will use the same cookie to store your preferences for our site in order to minimise the number of cookies set by our site on your computer.

In order to help you identify the cookies set by our website, or by third parties on our site we have listed them below.

Cookie IdentifierExpirationUse


730 Days

This cookie is used to store the number of times the disclaimer at the bottom of the page about the use of essential cookies has been seen by a visitor to our site. We store this setting in a cookie so that once the warning has been seen after a set number of times, presently 3, the warning is no longer displayed again.


730 Days
1 Day
On browser close
182 Days

Set by Google Analytics to track your visit to our site, this allows us to collect information such as the number of hits, the type of browser you use and other useful statistics about your visit.

For more information please review Google’s privacy policy here

To opt out of Google analytics please visit here

DccCookieData 3 Months (approx 90 Days) Set by us to store your preferences when you “opt in” on certain areas of the site. At present this is limited to:
  • The postcode search found at the top of the site that can be used to store your local policing team preference.
If there are no functions of the site storing information in this cookie, then the cookie will be removed from your computer if it exists, and where it does not, will not be created.
This particular cookie will remember your settings for these site functions across all of our sites hosted under the domain and can be set or removed from any of our sites using these site functions.
googletrans On browser close This cookie is set by the Google Translate toolbar found on our site. This cookie is set only for the duration of the current visit. If you wish to “opt out” of using this cookie, then we suggest you do not use this toolbar at the expense of losing the ability to translate content on our page to another language
twitterDC 1 day This cookie remembers that you selected yes to displaying Twitter feeds on the Devon & Cornwall site

For information about blocking the use of cookies, please refer to the instructions / help screen on your Internet browser.

Third party cookies


Twitter uses a cookie that will track that you have visited a site with one of it's buttons or widgets (This site uses a Twitter widget if you select yes to the, display twitter feeds), unless you have asked it not to or have enabled 'Do Not Track (DNT) in your browser.'

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