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A big thank you to those who take the time to provide feedback on our website.

Below is a list of some of the feedback we have recieved and how we have responded:

January 2020

Feedback 29 January 2020

Speed of response to indicate message had been sent. I have waited and ensured all boxes completed and pressed submit but still not received a thank you page note.

Response: -

I sent a test found property form and the form did not send, I scrolled to the top of the form and saw a user error, I had not put the date in the correct format. I reformated the date and it sent.

I update the form field to make it clear what format the date needs to be in and then updated the issues instructions to include, please scroll to the top of the form to see any issue with the form before it can be sent.

Feedback 14 January 2020

It would be helpful if there was a general person/department/email address you could write to for general questions. The only one I can find is the 101 email address but from what I understand that should still be related to giving info on non-emergency crimes. So who do I contact for research questions?

Response: -

I’m afraid there is no one person or team to email for a general research question.

You can email 101 and depending on the question they will forward to the appropriate team.

The 101 email is very busy but all emails will be answered but not always on the same day.

December 2019

Feedback 1 December 2019

Utterly useless. I needed to speak to someone on 101 can't get through. Live chat is unavailable

Response: -

You can email 101 ( directly or use one of our forms that can be found on the contact page and someone will get back to you, usually via email or over the phone if needed. If you can say what it is you want to tell them (best done through one of the forms if is it confidential) and provide your telephone number that would be very helpful.

Live Chat is only available when there are call handlers free to respond.

101 and Live Chat are our non-emergency services and I’m afraid when we have a lot of 999 calls the 101 calls are not given priority.

We have recently held a recruitment campaign for more call handlers. And when they have passed vetting and training they will join our dedicated team of call handlers.

October 2019

Feedback 13 October 2019

Broken link

Response: -

The link has been updated.

Feedback 05 October 2019

Cannot find a link to receive email updates of job vacancies

Response: -

Currently this is not possible. I have added the request to our web developers snagging/to do list.

September 2019

Feedback 30 September 2019

I regularly visit the page and it would help if the postings had the date on them so that you don't have to open them to check if they're ones you have already read.

Response: -

I have added the request to our web developers snagging/to do list.

Feedback 20 September 2019

I don't even know if the information sent?!

Response: -

If the form is sent you will be directed to a thank you page. A receipt email will be sent to the email address you provided. The form will disappear. If the form is visible it is because one of the required fields has not been completed. A list of issues will be displayed at the top of the form.

Feedback 19 September 2019

You have a page titles web chap? But no link to web chat? Why wouldn't you include a link so thatpeople could use it?

Response: -

I have updated the page text so it explains that web chat only appears if someone is availbale to responed to their enquiry.

Feedback 12 September 2019

phone number for station

Response: -

I'm afraid all calls need to go through our 101 call centres so that they can make sure that you are directed to the correct person. You can email a local policing team by using their contact form from the local policing team website. All non-emergency crimes and incidents need to go through 101.

Feedback 12 September 2019

You've currently posted an item about the closure of the a38 'at night'???? With no timings? Start finish etc. The simplest piece of additional information would have been so easy to include then allows people planning timings and routes to avoid the issue in an organised way rather than just turn up anyway! So thoughtless!

Response: -

The traffic watch information is provided by another company and so we can only report within the confines of the information fields provided. However there is the Devon and Cornwall Police Traffic Twitter feed embedded on the page. Traffic officers will often report road closures, diversion and timings here if they have been called out to an incident.

Feedback 06 September 2019

I'm trying to report RTC and email won't load no direct link feeling very frustrated,

Response: -

I have checked the contact details for the collisions team and updated the email address and phone numbers. There is no online form to report a collision.

August 2019

Feedback 22 August 2019


Response: -

There is a link to the thank you form on the homepage of the website. The content of this form is forwarded on to the Chief. AskNED has been updated and a new entry created for how to say thank you or send a compliment.

Feedback 22 August 2019

A link to send positive feedback the force(s) and it's officers.

Response: -

There is a link to the thank you form on the homepage of the website.

Feedback 21 August 2019

Really impressed with the Op Snap process. Much better than the previous 101 form completion One item of feedback. If the user tries to submit an incorrect video format eg MP4 the error message comes up when the Submit button is hit. But the form is still submitted and doesn't give the user to upload the correct format of video In my case I had two videos from front and rear cameras. I'd incorrectly uploaded the MP4 format from the front camera the form submitted anyway and therefore only the rear camera footage was attached

Response: -

We have forwarded your comments on to the Op Snap communications and webteam.

Feedback 15 August 2019

After sending the page needs to change to say message sent and possibly auto email receipt

Response: -

The forms have been updated to send an automated receipt. The form page on submission, will either take you to a thank you page or the form will disappear and after any page text a thank you for completing the form message displays.

July 2019

Feedback 15 July 2019

Contact number for Police Records has changed to 01752 488000

Response: -

The contact information for the collisions unit has been updated

Feedback 05 July 2019

Where do I find info on renewing firearms licence? I have received letter and gone to this page but it's not clear.

Response: -

We have moved the application forms to the top of the page.

Feedback 13 July 2019

doesnt include neighbour and local harassment that ive had for 20 yrs as deliberate vile payback for reporting a burghlar in 1988 plus racial hate insults

Response: -

Please report all racial abuse to the police by calling 101 or emailing 101

June 2019

Feedback 19 June 2019: -

When you ring the number provided by Devon & Cornwall Police, its not answered but you are told to leave a message and then you can't. you are told by Devon and Cornwall Police that this number the office hours are 10.30am - 12.30am and you are called back between 14.30 and 15.30pm

Response: -

The page URL given: - (/your-right-to-information/)

has no contact information so we are not sure which department to ask for the correct information so that we can update the page.

Feedback 07/06/2019: -

Describing AskNed as an information directory conceals the fact that it is actually your web chat system.

When you offer a web chat system, provide a button and description that explains you can talk to a real person as opposed to using the advanced search features of a directory to find static information on your web site.

Response: -

The webchat button can be found at the bottom right of our website when available.

We apologise for any convenience caused when our webchat facility is not available.

AskNed is a directory of information and can answer alot of questions it also signposts people to other agencies who may be better suited to help.

May 2019

Feedback 25/05/2019: -

Links not working and clearly labelled

Response: -


Feedback 23/05/2019: -

Out of date content

Response: -

Corrected and requested a content review

March 2019

Feedback 19/03/2019: -

Spelling mistakes

Response: -


Feedback 19/03/2019: -

Not enough informaiton on page: - station phone number

Response: -

A notice on the Police Office Enquiry page that we do not provide numbers to Police stations and that members of the public can email or ring 101 or use the message an officer form.

Feedback 18/03/2019: -

Request for RSS feed for Traffic Watch

Response: -

We have looked into this and as Traffic Watch uses others data as well as ours we are unable to provide this service.

Feedback 15/03/2019: -

Form submission not working

Response: -

Form checked and is working

Feedback 12/03/2019: -

Link not working when short cut URL to the page is used.

Response: -

Page checked and code tweaked so that link works.

Feedback 11/03/2019: -

Request for additional information

Response: -

Email forwarded to the relevant team and a request for additional information for the website made.

Feedback 6/03/2019: -

Accessibility concerns and a request for text to speech software to be added to our site

Response: -

As the person provided an email address we were able to reassure them that the website is coded in such away that it works with peoples devices and browsers enabling them to adjust their setting to suit their specific accessibility requirements. More information about this can be found on the Accessibility page of this site.


Feedback 26/02/2019: -

Good feeback on our County Lines page

Response: -

High five big smile :)

Feedback 23/02/2019: -

Not enough informaiton on Traffic Watch

Response: -

We added the Road Police Alliance twitter feed to the page, as the team quite often update the feed on road incidents and conditions. Devon and Cornwall Police are only one agency that provides content to INRIX who allow us to publish content to our site.

Feedback 11/02/2019: -

Not being able to use the Local Policing contact form to upload images to the team.

Response: -

Using the website to upload images is a service we hope to provide at some point in the future.


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