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A big thank you to those who take the time to provide feedback on our website.

Below is a list of some of the feedback we have recieved and how we have responded:

March 2019

Feedback 19/03/2019: -

Spelling mistakes

Response: -


Feedback 19/03/2019: -

Not enough informaiton on page: - station phone number

Response: -

A notice on the Police Office Enquiry page that we do not provide numbers to Police stations and that members of the public can email or ring 101 or use the message an officer form.

Feedback 18/03/2019: -

Request for RSS feed for Traffic Watch

Response: -

We have looked into this and as Traffic Watch uses others data as well as ours we are unable to provide this service.

Feedback 15/03/2019: -

Form submission not working

Response: -

Form checked and is working

Feedback 12/03/2019: -

Link not working when short cut URL to the page is used.

Response: -

Page checked and code tweaked so that link works.

Feedback 11/03/2019: -

Request for additional information

Response: -

Email forwarded to the relevant team and a request for additional information for the website made.

Feedback 6/03/2019: -

Accessibility concerns and a request for text to speech software to be added to our site

Response: -

As the person provided an email address we were able to reassure them that the website is coded in such away that it works with peoples devices and browsers enabling them to adjust their setting to suit their specific accessibility requirements. More information about this can be found on the Accessibility page of this site.


Feedback 26/02/2019: -

Good feeback on our County Lines page

Response: -

High five big smile :)

Feedback 23/02/2019: -

Not enough informaiton on Traffic Watch

Response: -

We added the Road Police Alliance twitter feed to the page, as the team quite often update the feed on road incidents and conditions. Devon and Cornwall Police are only one agency that provides content to INRIX who allow us to publish content to our site.

Feedback 11/02/2019: -

Not being able to use the Local Policing contact form to upload images to the team.

Response: -

Using the website to upload images is a service we hope to provide at some point in the future.


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