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Devon & Cornwall Police believe Stop & Search is an effective tool to detect and prevent crime. Stop & Search is one of the proactive powers used to tackle crime in our communities. We recognise that we must be responsible and accountable for the use of these intrusive powers. We joined the national Best Use of Stop & Search Scheme in order for us to maintain the public's trust and confidence. We are determined to show transparency and openness in the way we use this important power by demonstrating both legitimacy and effectiveness in the way we police our communities. Superintendent Matt Longman is the Force lead and continually works with colleagues, partners and our communities to keep improving our use of these powers and to maintain public confidence in the police. In this section you will find links to our policies, practices, frequently asked questions (FAQs), public scrutiny arrangements and how to provide feedback or make a complaint and a copy of our current self assessment in relation to national recommendations.

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